Courtyard Apartments (N1C1)

T H E  B E A U T Y  O F  C O U R T Y A R D S

Courtyards are a place of absolute refuge. They have been around for 5000 years, and have granted shelter for humans all over the Earth. From the beginning of Ancient Egypt and many centuries laterin Arab Cultures, the courtyards were a sign of luxury. They were a destination to fnd tranquility in soulful solitude or peace in physical safety. It is a haven and a sanctuary, granting those who reside within its walls a connection with ancestors and ancient traditions, and therefore a continuation of the most noble of human pursuits: peace. Courtyards have taken different shapes and purposes across the centuries around the world. It is an enclosed space surrounded by building complexes, and is open to the blue morning skies, or starstudded night skies adorned with the streamlines of moonlight. N1C10, revives the luxury of courtyards, offering residents of every building an opportunity to revel in their magic, taking them back to simpler times, away from the modern-day clutter of the city life.

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