Villapark (N2C8)

Villaparkis a true embodiment of Alburouj’s commitment to building the perfect integrated community and providing the luxurious comforts to all residents. The villas of N2C8 are designed to cater to humans’ inherit desire for distinction.
Residents can choose between the Park Residences overlooking The Orchard Park or the Club Residences overlooking the Sports Club; both offering a breath-taking view of lush greenery and open spaces.
Because comfort and luxury should not be at the expense of privacy, all units, within the gated parcel are strategically designed to guarantee comfort, peace and privacy to each household.

With an incredulously scenic and splendid Orchard Park bordering it’s southern side and a sports club bordering it’s northern side; VillaPark stands out as an enchanting, harmoniously balanced neighborhood situated in the heart of green valleys.

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